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Connect your Formlabs Printer

You will receive an email from team@bracesondemand.com with a link to connect your printer to the joint Formlabs group. Log into formlabs.com, navigate to the Formlabs Dashboard, and click on ‘Printers’ to register your printer.

Complete your account setup

Before printing your first order, make sure you've finalized setting up your account and billing. You will need a credit card on file and verification of your dental license.

Add items to your print

Select the device category you want to start printing and customize the device to your specific needs. Remember, once your print tray is full, either save additional items for the next print or select 'Order for delivery'.

Prime your printer

Make sure your resin cartridge, resin tank, and build platform are all installed. Verify that the resin you select matches the resin installed in printer. Prime your printer to start printing right away!

Checkout & Print

Select your printer and payment method and click ‘Buy & Print’. Your order will be sent to your Formlabs printer to begin printing immediately, or be sent to our manufacturing facility to be delivered to you shortly. You can check your order progress on the dashboard.

No printer, no problem

Print in-office

Get started with a Formlabs printer today, the easiest desktop printing platform for making your own dental appliances.

Order for delivery

Interested in Braces On Demand, but don’t have a printer? No problem! Log in, choose your appliances, and we will print and ship them to you.

Practice outside the United States?

Braces On Demand is currently only available in the United States. However, we are working hard on international clearance and hope to offer Braces On Demandinternationally soon.

Be your own manufacturer with Braces On Demand.

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