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Make Widgets

Our widget library includes an assortment of Pivots™, attachments, and hooks. Each widget has customizable base curvature for both buccal and lingual use.


These low profile aligner attachments are available in super concave, concave, flat, or convex in 2-6mm sizes.


Optimized for consistent directional strength, our comfortable, low profile eyelets have customizable bonding surfaces and are made of advanced resins that provide for better bonding with both mechanical and chemical bonds. Plus beveled edges allow for an easy purchase when debonding.


Our T-button has a flat section on the top to allow for easy fine tuning positionally and there’s generous room for elastics on either side of the button. Round buttons are also available.

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Braces on demand in practice

Make Pivots

Our proprietary Pivots™ are microtube attachments with a wire slot that allows for complex tooth movement prior to aligner treatment, mid-treatment rescue cases, or relapse cases. Available in square, wedge or square twist and exclusively available with Braces On Demand.

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Braces on demand in practice



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Make SpinCorrect

A new spin on Class II treatment! Take control of your Class II patients prior to fixed appliances or aligners. SpinCorrect’s apple-core design with a built-in stop rotates and uprights the upper first molar while allowing for distalization of the posterior segment. SpinCorrect includes a pair of Caplin hooks with each set. Best of all, you can print as few or as many SpinCorrect’s, when you want them, as you need them on either a Formlabs or SprintRay printer.

Make Brackets

A revolutionary twin bracket, designed to be completely flexible to your prescription needs. Our brackets are printed from incredibly tough, photo-cured polymer, specifically designed for tiewing strength and easy placement. Print confidently knowing Braces On Demand brackets are stain and durability tested for optimal performance.

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Braces on demand in practice




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They’re efficiency machines.

You’ll wonder how you ever did it without one. No intraoral scanning required, no thermoforming, and no stl files. A new generation of no hassle 3D printing is here—and it’s here to help make your job easier.

Bonding Time

Braces On Demand 3D printed brackets feature lightning bolt undercuts in the base that allow for optimal mechanical retention to minimize bracket failures. Filling these grooves completely with a quality bracket adhesive is the key to achieving superior bond strengths equal to or better than traditional mesh-based brackets.

Step 1

Prepare Teeth

Insert retractors. Apply pumice to clean. Then rinse and dry. Apply Etchant. Leave on the tooth for the manufacturer’s recommended duration, then rinse and dry thoroughly.

Step 2

Apply Primer

Apply one coat of Assure® Plus to all prepared teeth. Lightly dry with air.

Step 3

Apply Adhesive

With the tip of the adhesive syringe or unidose carpule pressed against the center of the pad of the bracket, inject adhesive into the lightning bolts grooves, leaving adhesive to cover the base.

Butter or smear the adhesive with an instrument, ensuring that the adhesive fills the lightning bolts grooves as well as coats the entire bracket pad, reaching into all four corners to prevent debonds.

Step 4

Light Cure

Light cure the adhesive at close proximity for 10 seconds or per the instructions of your adhesive or curing light manufacturer.

Add Another Dimension

Getting you what you need for success is our MO. And it’s all right here. Accessories and materials provide an opportunity to better tailor your equipment to your practice.

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