What is Braces On Demand?

Online Platform

Braces On Demand is an easy to use application that connects seamlessly with your Form 3B printer to make direct bonded orthodontic appliances, all from the comfort of your own office.

Select & Customize

Configure your device from an ever growing library of the latest in bracket, buccal tube, and widget designs in any of our 8 million plus prescriptions.

No hassle printing

No intraoral scanning required, no thermoforming required, no stl files required. A new generation of no hastle 3D printing is here.

Print every device you need


A revolutionary twin bracket, designed to be completely flexible to your prescription needs. Stain tested and strength tested for optimal performance.


A new breed of buccal tube, with the same features you know and love. Stain tested and strength tested for optimal performance.


We have widgets for everything, and you might just find a widget that will change the way you practice.

Scale Models

The perfect tool for your treatment coordinator to show your patients how these appliances work.

Free to Print

No charge for these covers and other Free to Print items. We’re cool like that.

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Rewards Program

Enjoy the perks of printing more.

Get started with our everyday great pricing
18 cases =20%Discount
54 cases =33%Discount
107 cases =43%Discount
*using 7-7 Kits

Clinical Photos

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Initial bonding
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3 months of progress
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5 months of progress
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7 months of progress

Be your own manufacturer with Braces On Demand.

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